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If you arrived here looking for wartime tea dances, floral dresses and lines drawn up the back of the legs then I'm sorry to have to disappoint you. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a blog written by a mum who doesn't believe the fun in life should stop just because you're in your 40s, then you're in the right place. There'll still be dancing, but it's more likely to be to '80s pop and heavy metal.

When I started reading blogs I found they tended to cater for young mums with babies, or covered beauty for a younger crowd, but I couldn't find very much for women of my age going through the same life experiences I was or having to deal with the same body issues and arguments with gravity. Those other blogs were and are great, but I wanted something more personal to me. So I started 40s Chic.

I've deliberately kept the subjects I cover on the blog wide - beauty, travel, horses, food, to mention just a few. As your children get older I think it is easier to find time to pursue your interests and your interests can also become theirs - that's certainly the case for me and my daughter, Dot (especially the beauty part, she's always after the make-up and perfume products I review). I also write about interiors/ homes - an interest Dot doesn't share - but I've been doing it so long it would be weird not to. It's my day job you see, which brings me nicely to

My work

Writing is in my bones - I started my first novel when I was in junior school (never finished, I can't remember where I put it) and I've been a journalist for 17 years. I started out in local newspapers before moving into magazines. Since then I've written for trade, contract and consumer press as well as branching out into writing for those newfangled website thingys a good few years ago.

I'm freelance and I work from home mainly, though I also sub and that tends to happen inhouse, usually in London. I decided the freelance life was for me after I became a mum and, despite flirting with a staff role several times since, I haven't changed my mind about that. It works for Dot and me.

Most of the time these days I write features for homes magazines, which I love, but I also write regularly about beauty and health, and have recently had several travel pieces published. Travel writing is something I hope to do more of - especially family travel as it's something Dot and I can work on and enjoy together.

Anyway, that's probably enough about me now. I hope you enjoy the blog and please do get in touch to say hello. I love receiving comments - except the spam ones - so don't be shy. Otherwise I'll worry I'm Billy No Mates.

Good to meet you and speak soon!

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  1. Lovely to read another mummy blogger whose daughter is old enough to knick her products lol. Great blog. Have followed.


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