Monday, 11 August 2014

Summer citrus - 2014

Summer time means summer fragrance and for me this year it has been Bronnley's Lime & Bergamot Eau de Toilette. It’s part of their new citrus collection, which also includes Orange & Jasmine and Lemon & Neroli. The fragrance is light and subtly fruity, not overpoweringly citrus. It’s a daytime scent – it doesn’t last for hours, but then I wouldn’t expect it to, yet because it’s light it can be respritzed at will without becoming overpowering.

I’ve also tried the Lime & Bergamot shower gel and the Lemon & Neroli hand lotion, both of which I liked though, having dry skin, I prefer my hand cream to pack more of a therapeutic punch.

This is where Bronnley’s RHS Natural Gardeners Therapy Intensive Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream comes in.

It smells lovely, sort of citrusy and green, and it contains vitamin E, keratin and shea butter. You don’t need much, as it is so rich (though you could use it as a night-time treatment: apply thickly and wear cotton gloves on top), and it absorbs quickly. This should be suitable for winter, which is just as well as it is a rather large tube (100ml) and should last a while yet, so I’ll be putting it through its paces in the cold weather a few months (hopefully) down the line.


  1. I reviewed the Bronnley Lime and Bergamot EDT. Its such a light summery smell

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