Sunday, 9 February 2014

Welcome Cosmo kitty

We have a new member of the family - Cosmo the kitten came to live with us from Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter a couple of weeks ago and he is settling into life as the baby of the family fabulously.

Dot has wanted a kitten for ages and now seemed a good time to go ahead. Not only has she a lot of love to give but I'm hoping Cosmo will help her settle in our new home and ease this transition in her life and the change in our family.

He is the cutest little kitty, but he's a sod as well, always playing, play fighting and climbing up the furniture. Not just the furniture - he mountain climbs up my legs using his claws as crampons, hanging on to my jeans until he reaches my knee while I'm sitting at the computer. Or he hangs off my slippers as I walk across the kitchen, or stops Dot sleeping at night by batting her on the head, demanding she play with him. Every night he starts off in Dot's room, door open; every morning he's on the landing, Dot's door closed, Cosmo banished from the comfy bed and reduced to jumping on Rosie, our other cat.

Ah Rosie, almost 18 years old and not impressed by this new pipsqueak in her life. He lies in wait for her and jumps on her, he chases her tail and tries to steal her tea. Our grand dame retaliated at first by hissing, but now she just clobbers him with a regal paw. Not that that stops him, as soon as she's not looking he's chasing her tail and jumping on her again. I think she secretly likes him - they are gradually lying nearer each other when they sleep and I don't think it will be long before they are curled up close.

Not that he sleeps much. He has sooo much energy and is always running around, he doesn't stop. Oh to have that much energy and find that much fun in life! He's a total whirlwind, then just when you think he's not going to stop, ever, he conks out. Sparko. Purring and asleep. Quiet and cuddly. Adorable.

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