Monday, 25 November 2013

Pocket-friendly skincare launch

Interesting news at the Waitrose spring summer 14 launch last week - the supermarket is working on its own brand of natural skincare. The core range of eight products will contain 95% natural ingredients, is fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin, but the really interesting thing is the most expensive item in the collection will cost just £2.99!

I know, I can't believe it either and I'm excited about trying the products in the New Year. It's all very well to have a low price point, but they have to deliver in moisturising and skincare terms also otherwise who will buy them? So let's hope the range delivers what the enthusiastic folk I spoke to at Waitrose believe they will.

I tried the facial oil on the back of my hand and it was soft, but it's hard to gauge any real effects with just a drop of product, so I'm looking forward to really putting the range through its paces when I receive samples in January.

I'm not sure what the collection will be called - the samples I saw are still at the no label stage and were perhaps not even in their final packaging - but I'm told it will go into stores in March.

Could this raise the bar in terms of inexpensive skincare?

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  1. Those are also one of my favorites
    great taste :)


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