Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lots of lush lovelies by Lush

On Thursday I popped down to Carnaby Street on my lunch hour, as you do, to take a look at the Christmas collections from Lush for this year. As far as I know these are in the shops now - I think they launched yesterday - but if they're not then they won't be long.

There are so many good things coming up this festive season from Lush, some new, some old friends. The Christmas penguin is one of my favourites; he's a bubble bar you just crumble into bath water and his design is inspired by the smallest penguins in the world, found in Australia (I know, who knew they had penguins in Australia). But... I don't think I could crumble him, it would be too cruel.

The Christmas Eve bubble bar is definitely going on my shopping list, along with a bottle of fizzy wine, for a relaxing night before the big day (I will not still be wrapping presents this Christmas Eve, I will not...) and the Rose Jam shower gel is making it's way into my bathroom in the next week or so. Rose is one of my favourite fragrances, it's also good for more mature skin thanks to anti-ageing antioxidants. This shower gel also contains Argan oil, Sicilian lemon and goji berry juice - I'll be doing a review on it once I've had a chance to try it out.

Gift-wise the guys at Lush have been super busy. There's something to suit all budgets, all along three themes: glittery Ziggy Stardust, fireworks (reminiscent of the packaging designs I remember from childhood) and traditional William Morris. There's baubles, cones, boxes and festive knot wraps containing everything from a couple of items to the monster Wow that has one of every Christmas item (except for three fresh products that have to be refrigerated, which is a good thing). I'm not sure how many that is, but having seen the size of the box it's quite a few!

Just a peak at the selection of gift sets for Christmas 2013 from Lush. Wow is the bad boy on the left

While I was there I watched a video of Lush products being made - it was just like a cookery video. I know they use fresh ingredients and are cruelty-free, but I hadn't realised that putting the ingredients together to come up with their lovely products is just like cooking. If I can find the video on You Tube I will post it later.

Dot has just come into see what I'm doing and has declared the Magic Wand Bubble Bar "awesome". Funny that, when I saw it at the launch I thought 'oh, I wish Dot was still into fairies, pink and dress up, I would love to buy her that for Christmas'. My tween, much like any other I've ever met, is super cool, into X Factor and make-up, and thinks I grew up on the Ark (and know nothing). It just shows you - my baby girl is still there, hidden inside that shouty, pouty, hormonal volcano of a 12-year-old. Awesome.


  1. I love Lush. Definitely going on my Christmas list this.

    1. They are one of my favourite beauty brands. Thanks for stopping by Sam


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