Friday, 18 October 2013

A day in London town - Dot and me

During the summer holidays Dot came with me to London for a couple of product launches. We made a day of it, meeting up with her dad for dinner and eating her favourite food in her favourite food place - Chinese in China Town.
Before that we spent time at the Thorntons Christmas in July show, where she sampled lots of chocolates (I had a few too) and patted an enormous chocolate dog. I'd got the times wrong - no idea how I did that - so there was hardly anybody there when we arrived and they were starting to pack up to go home, but we still enjoyed the fake snow and seeing the goodies Thorntons are launching for Christmas 2013.

Chocolate is one of Dot's all time favourite things, but make-up is fast becoming the must-have favourite, so she was overjoyed to attend the launch of Mary Kay at Play. Mark Kay is a beauty company that operates along the same sort of lines as Avon - it has reps and catalogues and a growing customer base in this country, though I don't think it's anywhere near as well known. I've used their products before - their True Dimensions lipstick was my favourite lipstick of last year, it's so creamy and the bullet design is so satisfying to hold and open (it sort of pops open, unlike lipsticks generally that you twist up).
This launch was for their collection Mary Kay at Play, which includes lip crayons, baked eye shadow trios, eye shadow pencils and lip gloss, and as the name implies, it is a range designed for younger women, teens to 20s. That said, the products are lovely and I have no problem wearing them - I have a post on a few of them coming up shortly.
We started off with mocktails (she's only 12) and she felt ever so sophisticated sipping the icy concoction through a straw. There were a couple of flavours on the menu and she sampled both of them. 

We played with the products, listened to a brief talk about the collection, and then to Dot's joy, she had her make-up done by a real live make-up artist using some of the new products! She was in her element.
Best of all, she got to leave with a good selection of make-up from the new range (or rather she commandeered most of the products I was given) and has loved messing around with them ever since.

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