Thursday, 9 May 2013

Summer scent - Figue Sauvage from Les Senteurs Gourmandes

With the outbreak of warm weather we've had this past week or so I've gone into full summer mode when it comes to perfume. I've put away the heavier scents along with my winter jumpers and dug out my favourite light fragrances, including the fresh citrus one I told you about here.

I've also received a new fruity number to try - Figue Sauvage, part of Les Senteurs Gourmandes collection by Laurence Dumont. It's a blend of sweet figs, ylang-ylang and bergamot, which settles into a heady sandalwood and vanilla base on the skin. The company is based in south west France - an area I knew very well many years ago - and I like to think I can sense a hint of sultry evenings in the mix (though perhaps the less said about that the better!)

Figue Sauvage is one of 14 fragrances in the collection, which also includes Musc Blanc, Vanille Monoi, Tendre Madeleine and Vanille Framboise. They cost £22.50 for a big 100ml bottle, which should last ages, and they are exclusive to Marks & Spencer.

According to Veronique Planchon, R&D manager for Les Senteurs Gourmandes: “In Spring and Summer the humidity in the warmer air carries scents to our noses more quickly, making us more sensitive to smells. In turn, most of us naturally opt for lighter and fresher scents with citrus, light floral and green notes all ideal for complementing our natural body chemistry.”

I'd agree with that.


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  2. These sound lovely

    Kelly xo

    1. They are and there are lots of different fragrances too. Thanks for stopping by.


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