Monday, 29 April 2013

Joy to the nose

When you’re feeling down there’s nothing like a fragrant pick-me-up to, well, pick you up. So when I received this fruity number from The Body Shop the other day I sniffed away my blues.

I know a squirt of perfume doesn’t make everything right with the world, but when it’s a fragrance that whisks you back to a happy place it’s a damn near perfect temporary lift – a sticking plaster for the senses if you like.

Pink grapefruit also reminds me of my daughter – which is appropriate really as she has snaffled it for herself!

Also available in strawberry, Satsuma, shea, vanilla, coconut, moringa and mango, the 30ml spray is made with Community Fair Trade organic alcohol from sugar cane, which supports the livelihoods of farmers in Ecuador.

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