Friday, 26 April 2013

Horse (and sheep) days – Chloe and Freda

This past week I’ve had the privilege of looking after the most wonderful horse and sheep duo while their carer has been away. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, as I’m still hurting over the loss of my wonderful boy John, but I did it anyway. It goes without saying I’ve fallen totally in love with the two of them. 

Chloe the Connemara is the most gentle soul who has the look of John about her, it’s the expressions on her face, her kindness and her soft eyes that remind me, rather than her physical features – John was a Thoroughbred after all. They both share the same mannerisms, even down to trying to nibble my bum when I’m picking out front feet.

Freda the sheep? Well what can I say, who knew sheep were such characters? She is cheeky, inquisitive, shy yet overpoweringly nosey so her shyness gets forgotten as she simply has to see what’s going on at all times! She is quite a girl.

The two of them get on fine, they even share haynets, though not food (horse feed contains copper which is poisonous to sheep – I have learned so much about these lovely creatures in the fast few days).

Alas my week babysitting is now up and sadly the partnership will be split up next month as Chloe goes to a new home and Freda goes back to her farm. Even more sadly, I’m not in a position to give either of them a home at this time though I wish to God I could. I think Chloe will be okay, her new owners sound responsible, but I’m worried about what will happen to Freda. Initially, she will go into a field with other sheep so she will be happy enough, they will miss each other though. I’ll miss both of them.

Chloe has just had her tail plaited by Dot, you can just see the top of her head over Chloe's back

Freda in her house

Ladies who lunch - enjoying a spot of hay together


  1. They are both beautiful. Sad they are splitting up...hope they both go to good homes. I've never seen a horse with a sheep as a companion before. Hope she copes without opposite us highly protective of her companion horse.

    1. I hadn't either, funny that they should be such good friends, but they truly seem to get on well. Horses are very sensitive and I hope Chloe finds a new friend quickly. I don't know about sheep though - perhaps somebody can tell us more. Thank you for stopping by.


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