Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fresh food, freezers and falling rain

This amazing sight is just outside Vinopolis. Very appropriately, it was chucking it down when I took this photo

Yesterday was rather a busy day, I was in London for the launch of a new cooling range from Zanussi, which was held at Vinopolis, a place I've wanted to visit since it opened.

Celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo was on hand to talk us through he new products and I took loads of photos - but the guy has ants in his pants and didn't stand still. At all. So I've had to delete most of them as they were just a blur (which the day could well have been for me had I given in to the Prosecco that was being liberally handed out. (Well, yes, I did have a couple of glasses, but that's all honest.)

Luckily the fridge freezers were a bit more accommodating when it came to photographs.

I like the way the inside is designed, with really deep salad drawers and dedicated bottle space. I don't know if
you can see, but there's another narrower drawer above the bottom shelf that still leaves space on the shelf itself

The freezer section has a really deep drawer - handy or what?

See what I mean, he can't stand still...

This is the best photo I have. Gino chatted with the guests and gave a few food tips, none of which I can remember.
We were asked for our tips and one of the audience revealed the interesting fact that if you store potatoes and apples
together they will keep fresh for longer - I didn't know that!

On the way back to the tube I popped in to Borough Market, which I've read so much about. These photos give you a flavour of the market - it was full of lovely, stinky cheeses, fruit and veg, meat, wines and perhaps most importantly, cakes. It was packed with people and there was a happy atmosphere, but overall, I found it a bit contrived. That's not to say it doesn't serve its purpose, I'm sure it does, and there should definitely be more food markets out there so we have a choice about where to shop. It seemed to me more like a tourist attraction than an actual market though. I'm not sure it that makes sense, but I couldn't afford to shop there regularly as it's too expensive, which defeats the idea of markets surely.

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