Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sweet hearts from Love Hearts

If ever there was a brand destined to fit with Valentine's Day then surely it's Love Hearts. These little sweets have been around for ever - I know, they were around when I was little - and the people that make them keep thinking up new ways to share the love.

My favourite from the range is the hamper. It contains non-edible Love Heart photo frames and little candles, as well as the expected confectionery.

I don't know what the candles smell of - though I like to think they are sweet and sugary with a little bit of a kick. 

There's also this sweetie tube (usually only seen in shops at Christmas) and this sweet limited edition mini Love Hearts tin. 

And finally, a Love Heart fact to chew on:Enough Love Hearts are produced each year (2.75 billion) to go around the world one-and-a-half times. See more at

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