Friday, 8 February 2013

MAD Blog Awards - how should I say it... I'd love to be nominated!

MAD Blog Awards

It is not in my character to ask people to do things for me - I'm really quite shy and always have been, but this time around I'm going to act out of character and ask my followers and anybody who even quite likes my blog to nominate me for this year's MAD Blog Awards.
These awards honour bloggers and their blogs, and are recognition for all the hard work that goes into creating a little piece of one's life in cyberspace that hopefully interests, intrigues and entertains those who visit it. I don't know if my blog does that, but I really hope so. I love writing and I love this blog; I love having people visit and leave comments, and when they choose to become followers I get a great buzz. On those days when it's hard to be motivated, when life sucks and work is a pile of, well you know, it's the comments that keep me carrying on.

I've met great people while blogging too, most of whom I've never met in person and perhaps never will, but on the internet I know them and consider them friends. Yes, blogging does that, it opens you up to people and situations that enrich your life. It might sound a bit twee, it's not supposed to. If you don't blog then try it, you'll see what I mean.

Thanks in advance to anybody who nominates me and dare I say it, leave me a comment below to say hello.

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