Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Face mask with less fuss - Yon-Ka Masque No 1

Skincare is very important to me (and as I get older it gets more important), but I'm often pushed for time and can't be doing with lots of faffing around. That's why I'm particularly taken with this hydrating face mask from Yon-Ka: you apply it and then just leave it, no wiping away, no rinsing, you just let it get on and do its job.

I tend to use it at night, just before bed, when I'm too tired for anything more complicated, and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels soft and more plump, there's no trace of product.

Of course, you can remove it if you want after 10 minutes or so, but unlike many other face masks you don't have to, which makes it a good friend for time-pressed mums.

It has a lavender-y fragrance, is quite light and just a bit sticky in consistency. That disappears though as the product is absorbed. It's also made with natural ingredients - plant and marine extracts, and essential oils, which is a big bonus as far as I'm concerned. Find out more at


  1. This sounds like an awesome mask, I will need to try it. I am also in my 40's so I understand about keeping the skin hydrated. I am a new follower, I found you through Evelyn at My Turn (for us)

    Teresa w/My Day Starts With Chips

  2. Hi Teresa, good to hear from you and welcome! I do like this product and I love the fragrance, it's quite subtle but if you like lavendar you will like this. Thanks for stopping by to comment.


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