Friday, 15 February 2013

Lush giveaway - for Valentine's Day!

How was your Valentine's Day? I hope it was fabulous and you're all loved up and ready for another  great 40s Chic giveaway.

Today, just to stretch out those warm, fuzzy feelings of yesterday, we have up for grabs The Kiss Lip Gloss from Lush, packed full of shea butter, almond oil and organic mandarin oil for hydration and softness. It has a fruity scent but is not overpowering so won't clash with your fragrance.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Girls: on the edge of their future - The Gallery

This week's gallery over at Sticky Fingers is entitled Girls. I don't think I've joined in with the Gallery before, but this theme spoke to me when I saw it and I couldn't not join in.

Sweet hearts from Love Hearts

If ever there was a brand destined to fit with Valentine's Day then surely it's Love Hearts. These little sweets have been around for ever - I know, they were around when I was little - and the people that make them keep thinking up new ways to share the love.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Kiss and brush up - Denman for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day just a few sleeps away I thought I would introduce you to a few love-ly gift ideas I've come across this year.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Horse meat in lasagne - what's the big deal?

I have just been watching the news and all the furore over horse meat in food from Findus, Tesco and Aldi, and I just had to write this. It's outrageous for lots of reasons, one of the main ones being that if I wanted to eat horse meat I would buy horse meat. If I buy something that is labelled as beef lasagne then I expect it to be beef - otherwise the product is lying yes?

MAD Blog Awards - how should I say it... I'd love to be nominated!

MAD Blog Awards

It is not in my character to ask people to do things for me - I'm really quite shy and always have been, but this time around I'm going to act out of character and ask my followers and anybody who even quite likes my blog to nominate me for this year's MAD Blog Awards.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Face mask with less fuss - Yon-Ka Masque No 1

Skincare is very important to me (and as I get older it gets more important), but I'm often pushed for time and can't be doing with lots of faffing around. That's why I'm particularly taken with this hydrating face mask from Yon-Ka: you apply it and then just leave it, no wiping away, no rinsing, you just let it get on and do its job.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Project 365 - week ending 2 February 2013

Dot walking Jerry - why does she never walk her own dog?

Ben in front and Jerry behind - looking after the neighbours dogs for a couple of days

What remains of the Roman gate in Colchester, the Balkan Gate

A glorious blue sky, you wouldn't know it was freezing would you?

My job is so glam - washer woman for the day, all in the name of journalism

One of the more aesthetically pleasing street lights in Colchester

I hadn't noticed this church until recently - not that I walk around with
my eyes shut or anything!

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Friday, 1 February 2013

Kiwiherb organic remedies for winter ills - giveaway

With the forever changing weather – snow, rain, wind and (thank heavens) sun, it’s no wonder we feel under the weather at times, coughing and spluttering our way through to spring. Never fear, 40s Chic has come to the rescue with our latest giveaway, designed to get you through this tough spell in one of the most natural ways possible.
Thanks to the guys at Kiwiherbs we have a few herbal lovelies to help soothe your cough, boost your immune system and banish dry lips (the chapped look just doesn’t work).