Monday, 28 January 2013

Inspiration and weight loss goals

These are my favourite jeans. Why, I hear you ask, is she showing us a pair of Levis? Good question. It’s because they don’t fit, and haven’t done for quite a few years. But they will. Again.

I have been following the Jenny Craig diet for several months now and I’m proud to say I have lost half a stone, a bit more even. (Bear in mind those months included a holiday in Austria, Christmas and New Year, and a yoga retreat in Morocco and you will understand perhaps why I’m so proud of myself.)

I also earned a number of useful weight loss tips from my counsellor at Jenny Craig, who has supported me the entire time I’ve been working with them. These include drinking around two litres of water a day, which helps reduce bloating and fluid retention, so helping shed those pounds. She has also helped me see the importance of portion sizes, which has been reinforced by the meals themselves. They are so much smaller than I was used to eating, but I have compensated with huge portions of vegetables, and gradually, I’ve gotten used to this.

The psychological help has also been very important to me – talking through the various scenarios that have me reaching for the biscuit packet have helped me identify my triggers (emotional and boredom by the way). All in all, I’ve found the Jenny Craig diet system – the ready meals, eating plan and personal support – very helpful.  However, a girl can’t live on Jenny Craig meals alone, and now it’s time to spread my wings and move on. Yes, I’m now doing it for myself, to paraphrase an 80s pop song.

They provided the inspiration and now I will provide the perspiration – physically and metaphorically. This weight loss lark is now down to me, so armed with my vision of portion sizes and masses of veg, I’m ready to meet the challenge head on. And next time you see those jeans they will be on me.

My helpful (hopefully) tips:
Water is boring and drinking two litres of water a day can be difficult, so I have found that drinking herbal teas is one way to make sure I get my two litres worth. Mint tea (I love a spearmint peppermint mix) is good for the digestion, while I have heard that Fennel tea dulls the appetite – and it tastes of aniseed, which I love.

Don’t try and fool yourself by serving your meals on a smaller plate – I tried and it doesn’t work, you just know it’s a trick. Use whatever plate you would usually use, but increase the portion of the plate given over to vegetables and decrease the space for the rest of your meal.

Eat regularly – if you don’t you will just end up famished and reaching for everything to hand, biscuits, crisps, the lot.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect and if you slip up it’s no big deal in the great scheme of things, just pick up where you left off and don’t worry about it.

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  1. Oh well done and you sound like you've been having a great time too - am sure happiness helps with diet. I need to drink more water too.

    You are right about the plate size too. I keep meaning to look into more vegetarian meals too.

    Thanks for linking up with Motivational Monday

  2. Good luck getting into those jeans and well done on your weight loss so far.

  3. Well done - I'm trying to lose some weight too - and have a variety of jeans that I need to get into including a pair of white jeans last worn in the last century! These would be my ultimate (and I believe possibly unobtainable) goal. I also rather optimistically bought a dress for a wedding in June that is at least a dress size too small (it was in the sale)so that is my most pressing challenge! As they say: "failure is not an option!" ... GOOD LUCK!

  4. Go for it, girl. Look forward to seeing/hearing about the new slimline Lisa.

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