Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Home hair colour - Schwarzkopf Color Mask

Today I coloured my hair. It's not my favourite job, as I get the stuff everywhere - sink, ears, boobs, neck - but when you're blessed with hereditary greys as I am, it's a total necessity.

When I'm feeling rich I leave it to the professionals - alas I haven't been feeling rich for a while now so I'm having to just get on with it. There was a bit of excitement this time though - I used a new product, a colour mask (oh how I live on the edge).

According to the manufacturer, the difference with this new product - the Schwarzkopf Color Mask - is that it incorporates a deep conditioning mask alongside the colour. (It also includes pro vitamin B5, apricot kernel oil and amino acid proteins to nourish and moisturise the hair.)

What I noticed was how much thicker the product is than other hair colours I've used before. The good thing about that is it doesn't drip everywhere (though I still managed to get it in a few odd places), the downside however is I ended up using more product than I realised on the front of my hair so I ended up running short for the back.

Another plus point is that you just use your fingers to apply it (gloved, obviously), which is so much better than having to fiddle with applicator tips and comb attachments. 

In fact I really liked this product. The only real drawback is that it takes 30 minutes to develop. I generally use Perfect 10, which takes just 10 minutes, so waiting 30 minutes seemed like for-ever.

If I was more organised that wouldn't be a problem, but...

I will definitely be using this again, though not when I'm in a hurry.


  1. Sounds good Lisa. Will have a look at it. Were you happy with the colour? Jo x

  2. I was and still am, the colour is lasting well, better than my usual one. I am using a new shampoo and conditioner though that are pretty mega so that could have something to do with it. How did your colour turn out?


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