Monday, 7 January 2013

Beauty review - Orico Full Cup Bust & Neck Enhancing Elixir

When I first read about new Orico advanced pure urban skincare and requested a sample from the PR for some reason I thought I would receive an eye treatment. I hadn't registered the various other products in the range, so I was more than surprised when a bottle of Full Cup Bust & Neck Enhancing Elixir dropped through the letter box.

Now large breasts are not something I long for - after breast feeding my daughter my bosom is more than ample enough, having gone through the rocket stage and now, coupled with the gravity associated with passing years, is sadly heading south. Long gone are the days of being a pert and pretty 34B. So the product's promise to increase my cup size fell on deaf ears I'm afraid.

According to Orico "The clinical active in organic Full Cup Bust & Neck Enhancing Elixir has been proven to enhance breasts by 2 to 4cm after six weeks of use while improving skin quality. Powerful natural moisturisers and antioxidants intensify its action by toning and firming the bust and neck area." Now I'm not of the opinion that a beauty product can grow breasts - they're not plants that respond to feeding after all - but according to the brand they have clinical evidence in their favour and a wonder ingredient, mukul extract, which has been used for many years in Ayurveda and does have proven plumping properties.

What I was more interested in were the moisturising and firming effects of this oil, so that's what I've been looking for when using it these last few weeks.

I have applied it after showering and found it sinks in quickly and leaves my skin smooth, which could be thanks to the vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants it contains. I have used the elixir both daytime and at night, and as with any oil, you just have to make sure it has absorbed properly into the skin before putting on clothes or PJs. My reasoning for using the product at night was so I could test whether or not it helped diminish the lines that form at the base of my neck and on my decolletage after sleeping in the same position for hours - and yes, I was less creased in the morning when I got up.

Besides its moisturising and anti-ageing properties, what I like about this product are its natural credentials: it's paraben, mineral oil and sulphate-free, all of the ingredients are natural and most are organic, and it contains essential oils of orange and lime, creating what Orico calls a happiness booster, an aromatherapy blend designed to lift your mood. I'm going to continue using the product and long may the anti wrinkling effect continue.

Other products from Orico include facial oils, cleanser, moisturisers and of course, the aforementioned eye treatment - Hi Rise Rejuvenating Eye Elixir. Find them here.


  1. Sounds good! Personally, I could do with enhancing the breast department. Will look out for it.

    1. Ha, Ha, then perhaps you should get a bottle of this. It smells lovely also. Thanks for commenting Philippa xx

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  7. I wuld like to try it out... As I want to increase my cup size but don't know how the results would turn out to be...


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