Thursday, 6 December 2012

Arm candy - Radley spring summer 13

You can never have too many bags. Some people like jewellery, some people like watches, me, I love bags. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to the Radley SS13 launch in London a week or so ago. I walked into a large, white room, completely full of beautiful bags. I was in heaven.

This is my favourite - the Chiltern Tote. Hanging above is the Classic Pocket Bag and alongside you can see the Chiltern Mini. Look at the paint colours splattered on the canvas behind and that chair is amazing. The colours are new for next summer and the coral at the end is so beautiful. My favourite though is the blue, second from the left. My photos have not done the colour justice, but here it is close up.

It is much more vibrant and rich than it appears here. It launches at the end of February and I shall continue to lust after it until I buy it - already saving up as it costs £129.

Here you can see the vibrancy of the coral shade better than before. At least I think it's coral; it is described as red but I see an orange tint to it that will look fabulous against tanned skin next summer. I believe the bag to the right at the back is the Hastings, the one on the left in the back row is the Aldgate.

There's a lot of detail in the design of next season's collection. Here you can see the weave pattern  that features strongly throughout...

And here is a close-up of the embossed theme that also runs through the collection and is bound to be popular next year. This Lily Broad grab bag is a variation on that theme - isn't it delicious?

Radley is just not Radley without the dog. And don't worry, he does make an appearance in spring summer 13. Illustrator Rory Crichton has created a number of styles in a distinctive print  (Thames), ranging from a purse to a tote to a barrel bag.

Model and writer Laura Bailey continues her partnership with Radley through a series of styles in canvas and leather, just right for weekends away in summer or sunny days out. The weekender is my favourite here.

There were oh so many other gorgeous bags on display, in all different sizes, so just to sum up and so you don't miss anything...


  1. Love all the colours!!And how the bags have been displayed with the splashes of paint F.harris @fionamonkey

    1. They are so lovely aren't they. Can't wait to see them in the shops. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I love Radley. Sadly can't afford to buy anymore since the toddler came along!


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