Monday, 19 November 2012

Weight loss going in the right direction!

I am amazed, but after five days in Morocco I still managed to lost two pounds! I weighed myself when I got back home on Wednesday, in time for my Jenny Craig weigh-in, and yes, I'd lost two pounds.

Just to update you re the Jenny Craig diet. After completing my two week blogger trial I was invited to continue with the weight-loss programme for another month, how lucky is that?

So I'm happily munching my way through my Jenny Craig meals and snacks - though Dotty seems to have eaten most of the cereal bars - grrrrh.

Just to get back to Morocco, the food was so healthy - lots of luscious fresh fruit every morning and masses of gorgeous salad at lunchtime, then in the evening vegetables cooked Moroccan style, couscous, fish - that really it shouldn't be a surprise that I managed to shed a little weight. There were no crisps, no chocolate, no biscuits - in short, no rubbish to stick to my hips.


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