Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Beauty - bring a little summer back

If the winter weather is getting you down and you can't wait for warm sunny days (rather than cold sunny days), then this could be just the ticket to get you smiling again.
Let me introduce Verbena shower gel by Panier des Sens, available through Ashleigh & Burwood - this really is sunshine in a bottle. I love the fragrance, which is fresh, uplifting and happy at the same time, but without being full-on energising or in your face.

The ingredients are organic and plant-based and all products in the range - which also includes soap, hand cream and body lotion - are cruelty free.

Panier des Sens is a natural skincare company located in Provence, in the South of France, and I imagine the countryside to smell like the product (though I have no idea if it does or not). 

There's something about the fragrance of verbena that really gets to me; I realised it last summer when I eventually found the fragrance I had been looking for without knowing it - that was verveine, or translated, verbena. 

I find it amazing how certain smells can affect how you feel or transport you to another place or back to the past. What fragrances really speak to you? 

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