Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Foodie Tuesday - paella

A few weeks ago I wrote about a gift from Flavrbox, a hamper of artisan products - heaven for a foodie such as myself. Well among the lovely bits and pieces in the box was this Spanish Garden Paella from Gustosecco, and last night Dot and I had it for dinner.

The instructions state ready in 15 minutes, but I found it took longer than that before the rice - and vegetables - were cooked enough (dry veg can be a pain to rehydrate). The flavour was spicy - too spicy for Dotty, but great for me - and the overall impression was of minestrone.

I think I might have used too big a pan, which is perhaps why it didn't cook as well as it should have done, but I liked it. It was like an upmarket savoury rice without the extra additives. If you're stuck for time and risotto from scratch is out of the question, this could be your answer.

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