Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Beauty - sweet toppings for your nails

These look fantastic and I can't wait to try them. After wraps, foils and water decals, we now have 3D effects for your nails. There are lots of them on beauty shelves but these ones come from LCN and are available in nine colours including rose, turquoise and black.

All you do is sprinkle the nail candy over wet nail varnish, one finger at a time, then leave to dry for around 15 minutes. Apply the product over a bowl to catch the bits that will go everywhere, then when you're done, simply pour the extra candy back into the bottle (tip: you can use the lid as a funnel).

Experiment with whole nails, coating just the tips or even nail stencils to create unique nail art. Depending on what you're doing the effect won't last longer than a day I guess, but for a party or night out it would be ideal, and at under £6 per pot these colourful beads won't break the bank. Just don't eat with your fingers.

I have the multi glitter version and I'll be trying it at the weekend, so keep your eyes on this space for an update in a few days!


  1. What a cute idea. Would be fun for Halloween. I've painted my nails already with a dark purple that almost looks black. Would look so great dipped in the nail candy!
    I'm going to have to look for it in my area. Haven't seen it yet. Maybe I will be ahead of the trend here..lol..that'll be a first.


    1. Hi Larisa, great to hear from you. I don't know if you can get these where you are but here's the website in case it helps. I didn't think how good they would look for Halloween - I could try wearing it over black nail varnish, it should look brill.


  2. Thanks for the website link. Checking it out now.



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