Thursday, 25 October 2012

A weighty matter - dieting with Jenny Craig

I have just made chocolate brownies, which perhaps wasn't such a good idea as I'm trying to lose weight. For the past fortnight I have been sampling the Jenny Craig diet plan, complete with what seemed like an enormous amount of Jenny Craig food when it arrived.

I have had a weekly telephone consultation with a lady called Clare, during which we discussed my eating habits, how much weight I wished to lose, how I found the food, if I'd kept to the plan and any other issues I wanted to raise. These talks have been helpful, though of course I've only had two of them as part of this short-term introduction to the company.

Nonetheless, I have lost four pounds - one the first week and three the second week. A sensible amount to lose in two weeks I think. The food has been great - I've liked all of it, though a couple of the meals looked very unappetising to me before cooking.

Overall I had a good selection to try: a variety of breakfast cereals, soups and noodles for lunch, assorted main meals for the evening, and snacks - biscuits (yes, really), cereal bars and crisp-type things (the salted ones were yummy).

I would say if I've learned anything over this past fortnight it's how to gauge portion sizes. When I saw my first Jenny Craig dinner I thought it would never be enough, but do you know, it was, especially when eaten with a selection of vegetables. This confirmed to me what I've been thinking for years - my OH cooks too much food and fills our plates too high (I can blame him as he is a superb cook).

Of course the guys at Jenny Craig worked out just right how much food to send and the diet meals delivered lasted the full two weeks. Now I'm on my own I hope to keep up the good work and shift more of those excess pounds in time for Christmas. And boy do I have loads of them to shift - now I'm in my 40s I find the weight goes on much quicker than it ever did before and I've put on about two stone in the past year.

And about those brownies - I made them for Dot, so no need to worry about me eating them...

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