Friday, 7 September 2012

Honey, honey - Nuage manuka skincare

I'm loving the Manuka Honey skincare range from Nuagé – I’ve tried the hand & nail cream and the face cream, both of which smell delicious.

The products contain vitamin E and shea butter as well as antibacterial manuka honey, which is usually present in mid market to expensive skincare products. This however is a budget range – great news – with the most expensive product coming in at under £10.

With a unique manuka factor (UMF) of 10+ Nuagé’s formulations fall into the therapeutic skincare bracket; they’re also paraben-free, suitable for all skin types and are said to moisturise the skin for up to 48 hours.

I find the hand cream absorbs quickly, though it did leave a slightly greasy feel afterwards (perhaps I applied too much product), however my hands now feel softer. As for the moisturiser, the consistency is light, the fragrance more subtle but other than that I haven’t been using it long enough yet to form an opinion. 

There’s also a body lotion, which I haven’t tried. 

These also get the thumbs up from Dot who is constantly swiping the hand cream for her own use. 

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