Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Budget eyeshadows - new collection from Miners

Safari - a trio of bronze and brown shades. My favourite I think

Watch out for two new eyeshadow collections from Miners due in store soon. The budget brand certainly has its finger on the pulse with Trio (£3.99), which contains three shades you use together to create the ever-popular smokey eye in the new season's colours. It's available in Safari, Humbug, Stone-washed and Goddess.

Solo - as the name implies - is a single shadow (£3.49) and comes in four shades: Luna, Stardust, Nautical and Jewel.

What I love about Miners is the price. If budgets are stretched and you cannot justify spending lots of money on make-up, you can st;ill treat yourself and be right on trend with their constantly updated cosmetics. The quality generally is good also, and you know with such an established brand you can trust what you're buying.

I'd love to hear experiences of other budget make-up brands. In these cash-strapped times I really think they are coming to the fore - what do you think?

Goddess - beige and greens

Humbug - charcoals and white

Stonewashed - get the blues for an on trend not 70s look

Stardust - a glittery gold shade, Use it also as a highlighter

Luna - pale and interesting.

Jewel - sparkly green with gold tones. A bit of a party shade

Nautical - matte navy. Mmm not so sure about this one, but many will love it

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