Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Beauty - Yves Rocher BB and FAB skincare tips

New from French beauty brand Yves Rocher comes a six-in-one BB cream. Another BB to add to the long list launched in the last couple of years, it contains white tea, which protects the skin, as well as ‘unifying pigments’ to even out skin tone.

Sublime Skin 6 in 1 also smooths and illuminates the skin, while moisturising for a whole 24 hours. I have yet to try it, but it sounds promising. It’s available in light and medium shades, and can be found here

I love this tip from First Aid Beauty founder, Lilli Gordon. It’s great to hear that beauty gurus are not focused solely on products you apply to the skin, but recognise that diet and external influences also have a part to play in looking good.

Apricots are a great ingredient to help tackle wrinkles and are packed full of betacarotene to help fight free radicals. I recommend keeping a stash of dried apricots in your handbag as a snack for when you need a sugar hit.”

She also gave me this recipe for a homemade face treatment: “When at home, mash up fresh apricot with lime, honey and a splash of cold milk until it becomes a paste, apply to the skin and wash off after 20 minutes to reveal a perkier complexion.”  You can find FAB here.

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