Saturday, 18 August 2012

Beauty reviews - nails and face

One side effect of not having a horse is that my nails have grown. Yes, they've actually grown long, they don't snap and they're not always full of dirt or horse feed. (Which frankly is a shame, I miss that...)

So I have been taking care of them, painting them with varnish to pretty them up and most recently applying Avon Nail Experts 24k Gold Strength to harden them. It seems to work - they feel tougher, they haven't split or snapped and they look shiny. Unfortunately they also have a yellow tinge to them.

The product is supposed to add a touch of glitter to the nails but with me, well it makes my fingers look as though I've had a sneaky cigarette or two, or that I've been eating curry without a fork. I do sometimes eat curry without a fork, but I don't smoke, so the effect is a little disconcerting.

Time for a rethink - and time to buy something else.

t has been ridiculously hot today and yesterday - not that I'm complaining mind you, it makes a lovely change from the rain. And I spent the morning sitting by the river in Dedham, which is so pretty, reading the newspapers and watching Dot paddling in the river with the dog. Thanks goodness for my Avene Eau Thermale spray - a water spray that immediately cools you down with a refreshing mist of good old H2O.

The description on the can states it is anti irritating and soothing for sensitive skin, I don't know about that so much but it is definitely handy to have with you on a hot day - a quick blast over the face and neck gets rid of any icky stickiness.

I used to carry mineral water mists around with me all the time in the 90s and when I lived in Paris; back in London even Boots sold them in both big and little cans. Then they disappeared for some reason, so I was really pleased to be sent  this sample a while back. Hopefully now they will be easier to find in the shops as they really are fantastic.

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