Friday, 6 July 2012

Olympic torch comes to Colchester

We had a bit of a historic moment in Colchester today - the Olympic torch passed through the town on the way to London. We braved the rain at 7am this morning to travel down to see it - and we weren't disappointed. The route was packed but from our vantage point on Ipswich Road we had a brilliant view. More by luck than by judgement and in spite of the fact there must have been thousands of people there, we ended up right at the spot where the relay handover happens! One torchbearer ended her run and the next one took up the challenge - my friend described the moment as the kissing (not sure if that's what it's called or just something she thought of).

To be honest, I hadn't been that fussed about going to see the torch, but Dot wanted to see it. I changed my mind when we arrived though - the atmosphere was fantastic. Everybody was in a great mood and even the police motorcycle convoy joined in, chatting to the kids, shaking hands and tooting their horns. The cheers when the torch arrived were massive and there honestly was a party vibe going on - even though it was only breakfast time.

The entire country is getting in the mood for the Olympics now. We were very lucky in the ticket draw and have tickets to the eventing at Greenwich at the end of July, however, we only have two of them, so it's just me and Dot going. Obviously I'm overjoyed about that but Dot, who actually wanted to watch the swimming and volleyball, is not so impressed.

Here she comes... arriving at the changeover point on Ipswich Road

Meeting for the handover

And the flame is lit - the journey continues

Going home for a well-deserved cup of tea

And off he goes!


  1. I love it! How lucky that you were at the perfect spot for the change over, too!

  2. I know, we couldn't believe it, we had an amazing view. We couldn't have planned it that well if we'd tried. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Lucky you! The route for the torch in Dublin was not well-publicised and I found out too late to organise around schools runs etc, it must have been great to be part of it x

    1. It was. A day to remember, especially for Dot when she grows up. Thanks for your comment.


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