Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Happy home - beautiful products for the kitchen and living room

I love looking at kitchen ware and bits and pieces for my home. They don't have to be expensive (often the best things aren't), they just have to have something - I don't always know what it is - that draws me in and makes me give them space in my life. Last week when I was in London for meetings, I passed a charity shop on Brompton Road that had several pieces of Cornishware in the window - that's the blue and white striped pottery, so called because it brings to mind the sea and sky of Cornwall. But I didn't go in ... aargh. I really, really wanted to, but my feet were killing me and there was no way I could have carried any of it home (too much to carry already). That particular design reminds me of my childhood, I think it was auntie Peggy who had lots of it in her kitchen. I'm in London again tomorrow so perhaps I'll get a chance to go back and see if it's still there. Fingers crossed.

Here's a few more bits and pieces I've seen lately that are now on my wish list.

Cushions, cushions, cushions. You can never have to many of them in my view. These beauties are from Deckchairstripes and would look great scattered nonchalantly on the living room floor, just right for flopping on.

This teaset comprising a teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug and butter dish is purrfect for cat lovers (we have two - moggies that is not teasets). From the Cats collection by artist Laura Lee, the set is made from English bone china and is hand painted in black and white. www.lauraleedesigns.co.uk

And here's the teapot up close:

This gorgeous Bees cake stand is also by the talented Laura Lee. I can imagine this on my table for high tea (oh yes), with lots of delicious cup cakes and strawberry tarts (we'll not bother with the cucumber sandwiches). Again this is made from English bone china and is handpainted; it's a limited edition piece.

Cake again, this time in the shape of a mug. This is sooo suited to my daughter, I'll have to buy her one, cake being one of her favourite foods.The Eat More Cake mug is designed by illustrator Vicki Gausden; you can even have the handle personalised. McLaggan Smith Mugs

Finally this week is the Alessi La Rosa fruit bowl. I love Alessi's designs as they are so out of the ordinary and they make a statement in any kitchen. This would look perfect on my worktop, just in front of the window. It's almost too pretty to put fruit in though. Made from solid steel and finished in red epoxy resin, it is designed by Emma Silvestris and you can find it at Red Candy. 


  1. Hello Lisa, just came over from Hay Net to offer my congratualtions on your blog being made blog of the day. I've often thought I'd like an "un-horsey" blog as well as a horsey one but never seem to have the time. By the way I think that Eat More Cake mug was probably made for me!

    1. Hiya, thank you for your congratulations - I'm over the moom about it. And me!


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