Monday, 23 July 2012

Beauty round-up - fragrance, cleanser, dry sunscreen and hair care

Exciting news from Liz Earle with the announcement of Botanical Essence No.15 eau de parfum, the company's second fragrance. It's a delicious spicy mixture of tonka bean, sandalwood, pink pepper, bergamot and cedarwood over a  damask rose and vanilla heart and is described as fresh oriental. "Customers wanted something more evening-y and sensual, more exotic, which is the brief we gave," explained Liz Earle at last week's launch event. "The fragrance has high levels of naturals but still has the finesse of a fine fragrance."

Achieving the right balance of natural ingredients while creating a fragrance that is contemporary and not too heavy was not an easy job. "Often naturals can be quite old fashioned so it was a challenge to create a fresh oriental fragrance with such a level of naturals," continues Liz.

Alienor Massenet is the perfumer behind Botanical Essence No.15. "It is very rare to be asked to use such a high level of natural ingredients; it's easier to use synthetics. Plus oriental fragrances are harder to formulate using naturals, a lot more difficult than the citrus fragrance family," she says. "The brief allowed me to not only use the best ingredients, but also the best parts of these special ingredients. All of these factors have helped create a unique fragrance."

I don't know about fresh oriental - I don't get that with this perfume, I get warmth and depth, rather than fresh. It's sophisticated, definitely a fragrance for evening, though I think it would also work in daytime during the winter when you're all wrapped up in jumpers, woolly scarves, gloves and woolly hat, walking in the countryside. I don't think it will be to everybody's taste, however, partly because of the ethos behind the brand and the focus on quality, natural ingredients, partly because I think it smells lovely, it is to mine.

Also from Liz Earle comes this special edition version of the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. It contains rose and lavender essential oils so is great for using to get rid of make-up and grime before going to bed. For each bottle sold Liz Earle is to donate £2 to the Prince's Trust as part of its Tomorrow campaign. Liz - along with other famous names including the photographer Rankin and fashion designer Zandra Rhodes - is working with the trust as a mentor to young people building their own businesses. It's on sale from September.

Here is something I haven't seen before but tell me if I'm just out of the loop and you have, it's a dry sunscreen powder containing titanium dioxide and clay that not only protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays, but calms and soothes inflammation.

By Jane Iredale, Powder-Me has an SPF of 30 and is water resistant, so ideal for wearing by the pool. The new shade - Golden - joins the existing Tanned and Translucent sunscreens. Simply apply to body and face 30 minutes before going into the sun. Dab on the powder and rub into the skin with your hand or the sponge provided and for best results apply to just moisturised skin. It's suitable for children as well as adults.

Organic Care systems has reformulated its haircare range including its Aqua Boost, shampoo, conditioner and reconstructor, which now contain ecocert-approved oat seed extract and lecithin. Organic Care's Power Build products now have added apple extracts, lemon  and sugar cane to promote scalp cell renewal, while its Status Quo shampoo and conditioner benefit from beetroot extract with its anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

All products are free from parabens and synthetic ingredients, contain natural fragrances and they are not tested on animals.


  1. I really must check out Liz Earle products as constantly hear great things about them. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thank you for your comment. Liz Earle does have lovely products and they have great gifts coming up for Christmas so watch this space!


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