Monday, 2 July 2012

Beauty round-up - eyes and face

It has been a week of launches for Lush, firstly with the colour wheel and Emotional Brilliance and now with this cute mascara. It might look small but there's more product in that little bottle than in your usual mascara tubes. The ingredients are designed to nourish the lashes and include wheatgrass, as well as carnauba wax to stop smudging and just one preservative - apparently mascaras usually contain up to six. Colour-wise the pigment is deep, it goes on well, without clotting (thanks to the little brush, which is easy to manipulate). There's just one thing, it might just be my sample, but the brush keeps coming out of the lid.

Also launched last week are Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder, and Skin Tints in Charisma and Feeling Younger. The light-reflecting face powder sets make-up, but on its own, works to even out skin tone. It contains moisurising jojoba oil and is free of preservatives and mineral oils. Charisma gives a bronzed glow and is ideal for skin that is already tanned, while Feeling Younger contains light-reflecting pigment that brightens the skin. Both can be used alone or with moisturiser; they contain orange flower water, cocoa butter, jojoba and almond oils, and oats. All on sale from 21 July.

New from Frontcover Cosmetics are a series of summer make-up kits - and for the first time you can buy them direct from the company's website. There are six sets in the collection - Matte + Metallic, Colour of the Season: Pink, Pencils + Polish, The Baked Powder Collection, A Rainbow of Colours and Sunlit Metals. As is usual with Frontcover, there's comprehensive instructions and illustrations on how to create a variety of looks - handy if you're a little lost when it comes to application or if, like me, you're a little inept in the make-up artistry department. I haven't tried these but love the colours and my two favourite kits are pictured below. By the way, if you're in Europe this summer you should be able to find Frontcover in branches of Sephora.  

The Body Shop has added to its tea tree collection with a pore minimiser, so if you think your pores are too large then get on down to your nearest branch - it's on sale from August. Tea tree is known for its antibacterial and healing qualities and including it in this minimiser helps eliminate congestion and clogged pores; Body Shop tea tree oil is organic and fair trade, so farmers in Kenya benefit, too. The product is also a primer and it gives a matte finish, reducing shine. I know some people don't like the scent of tea tree, finding it rather medicinal, but I love it so this is one product I'll definitely be trying soon. Apply after moisturising and under


  1. What a lovely post, Lisa, thank you so much! We're wearing Sunlit Metals a lot at the moment in an effort to pretend we're all tawny and bronzed rather than a bit...damp. Wait until you see the edible lip glitter, Sugar Rush, that we're releasing in Autumn. A big pat to John.

    1. Hi guys, thank you for commenting. Is this rain ever going to stop? Can't wait to see Sugar Rush when it's out.


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