Friday, 13 July 2012

Beauty reviews - face and hands

Sensiderma Moisture Soothe from Queen is a bit of a find. It is designed for people with dry but sensitive skin and, says the company, it also helps with conditions such as rosacea.

When I first received my sample of Moisture Soothe I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. Texture-wise it is wet, for want of a better word. What I mean is it doesn’t have that rich feel about it that so many other moisturisers do. Yet, when I tested it on the back of my hand it sank in quickly.

I then used it on my face, first for daytime then at night. Surprisingly, considering its thinner consistency, I found it too heavy for day use. The cream is absorbed quickly but you can still feel it, which is why I found it unsuitable as a day moisturiser. For night though it’s ideal – it’s cold to apply, which I find soothing in itself, and even better, the morning after using it my skin feels softer. That’s not a one off, it happens each time, which is lovely.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand then let me enlighten you. It was founded in 1927 by three dermatologists and all of its products are geared towards caring for skin that is prone to flare ups, eczema, dermatitis, acne or is just simply sensitive. They are fragrance-free, contain no essential oils and have never been tested on animals.

The collection covers skin care, hair and body care, and there’s a make-up range also.

The smell of roses in one of my favourite things in the world. It takes me back to my childhood and the garden across the lane from our house. The couple who lived there – Aunty Mary and Uncle Stan – had the best rose garden, which they tended lovingly every year. The perfume from their roses surrounded the garden so you can imagine how intense it was when you were in it – and we kids often were.

So of course when I was in The Body Shop I homed in on their Wild Rose hand cream. I’m not sure when it launched but it was sometime in the last couple of months, and it hits my olfactory spot dead on.

The fragrance is real, it doesn’t smell in the least bit artificial, and the colour is the palest pink. It’s quite a light cream and doesn’t take much rubbing in, but you don’t need a great deal of it. My problem is I always apply too much, getting carried away with the fragrance, then of course I end up with greasy hands. Unfortunately because of this my tube is almost empty so I’ll be heading back to the store soon for more.

When I first tried Green People’s new Hydrating Firming Serum it almost jumped out of the container at me – note to self: don’t press bottle pumps too enthusiastically. This I believe is an update on the company’s Gentle Tone, and they make some impressive claims for it, including it doubles your skin’s natural collagen production and it reduces wrinkles by more than 7%!

Ingredients include rose geranium, chamomile and seaweed, and there’s no parabens, artificial perfumes, colours or petrochemicals to be seen.

I know it’s a serum and not a cream, but I decided to see if it would work on its own. It felt okay without moisturiser on top, but it felt better with. Green People suggest mixing it with their Anti Ageing Facial Oil or with your regular foundation as alternative ways to enjoy its benefits.

I think I applied too much to begin with as my skin was left sticky. Now I use just the tiniest amount on my face and neck (a bit more where my neck is becoming – horror of horrors – a little lined), then I leave it for a few minutes to sink in before applying moisturiser.

It does make my skin feel firmer, but I’ve only been using it a short time so I haven’t noticed me looking any younger yet, hopefully that will come next.

As with all of Green People’s products, the serum is cruelty-free, ingredients are mainly organic, suitable for vegetarians – this one is vegan friendly also – and the packaging is recyclable.

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