Thursday, 7 June 2012

Equestrian (designer) fashion

I've just seen this and had to write about it. Obviously (or perhaps not so, depending on if you think wellies, stained jods and horse-spit covered t-shirt are designer), designer is not me, so this collection is not something that is going to feature in my wardrobe anytime soon. And can you even ride in it?

Gucci is to launch an equestrian collection later in 2012, which is "a contemporary tribute to the equestrian tradition and riding heritage that has inspired the House for over 90 years". I didn't know that about Gucci - kudos. It's ready to wear and includes accessories as well as clothes (though I don't know what they are yet).

The collection is based on pieces designed for Edwina Alexander, who in the blurb I read is described as "the world's number one female horse-jumper"  - does she only jump female horses or is she a female horse jumper? And surely that should be show jumper as she cannot really jump horses can she? If she can then she is indeed talented.

Colours will be a mixture of classics and neutrals - beige, white, black and blue - and the clothes will be available from November. Looking forward to seeing them and being green with envy.

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