Saturday, 30 June 2012

Baking class - Rock buns

My mam used to make these when we were little, and my brother didn't like the sultanas so she used to leave them out and make plain ones for him. I was reminded of how good these are when I was at the Hadleigh Show last month. I ended up buying and eating two - though at different ends of the day - from an artisan cake stand in the food tent. They are yummy.

This recipe is from the Be-Ro book, the same recipe as my mam used all those years ago; I would leave out the peel though as I'm not keen on it, which means you should probably add in another 25g fruit.

Rock buns

225g Self raising flour
Pinch salt
100g butter (cold)
75g mixed dried fruit
25g Mixed peel
50g Caster sugar
1 medium egg, beaten
Milk to mix

1 Heat the oven to 200C/ gas mark 6. Greast two baking trays.

2 Mix the flour and salt together. Cut the butter into pieces and rub it into the flour until it looks like breadcrumbs.

3 Stir in the dried fruit, mixed peel (if using) and sugar.

4 Mix to a stiff dough with egg and milk

5 Place in rough heaps on the trays (you don't want them looking smooth as they are supposed to be rocks)

6 Bake for 10-15 minutes then cool on a wire rack. Eat. Yummy!

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