Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Living out for the summer

My horse is staying out tonight for the first time this year. I'm worried, of course, that's what I do, worry. He wouldn't be out just yet if it wasn't for the fact that last night we found a load of blood in his field and it turned out he was having nose bleeds. I know that nose bleeds can look a lot worse than they are - my daughter has them, especially in summer - but still the amount of blood in the field was, well, lets just say we were looking for a body, a deer or something quite big, until we realised the blood was coming from John's nose.

When I spoke to the vet today he told me there had been lots of similar cases lately, he thinks it is to do with the change in the weather.

So I decided to leave him out tonight (John, not the vet). I'm hoping that being out will stop him galloping around the field first thing in the morning when he's turned out, so he won't get too hot and he won't have a nose bleed. He is 24 years old and it's not good to act like a four year old.

So that's where we are. The bleeding had stopped when I left, he seemed happy, it hasn't put him off his food, but I worry about him. Has anybody out there in cyberspace had a similar experience? How long should I 'manage it' as the vet put it before I call for medical help? Does it go away on its own, which is what I'm hoping and what the vet has suggested will happen? Should I be doing something I'm not doing at the moment? Any help would be gratefully received. And on top of all that I'm still worried about how he'll be, out tonight for the first time this year.

And this year's most fashionable fly mask features a platypus-style nose cover that will hopefully
keep out the pollen (while giving the baby something to laugh about and grab hold of)

Hey mam, why are you taking photographs of me?

Posing for the camera - but not on his own, baby is just out of shot and the perfect companion

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