Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Jubilee Cafe - a review

Following on the Jublilee theme but nothing to do with the Diamond Jubilee is my favourite local café, The Jubilee at Ardleigh. It used to be a greasy spoon I’m told, but since heavy lorries are no longer allowed on the road that runs past it, it looks for its customers elsewhere. And we are a varied bunch I can tell you: pensioners, couples, families and us horsey gals. 

The food it offers is lovely – I recommend the Quorn lasagne and everybody I know who has tried the fried potatoes loves them. The food ranges from breakfasts (served all day) to Sunday lunch, veggie specials to fish and meat. I don’t know anywhere else that offers so many breakfast variations and there’s no cut off point so you can have it at lunch if you wish. 

All of the food is cooked fresh and prices are good. The owners don’t mind if you just have a cup of tea – a very reasonable 75p – without eating, which is great news when funds are low (which in my case is more often than I like). I think it’s the best kept secret in Colchester. I don’t know if they advertise, I’ve never seen any ads, but they are always busy. I think it’s the combination of home cooking, quality and prices that don’t rip you off that keeps customers coming back for more. And no, I don’t work for them in any way, I’ve never received a free meal there but have always paid for my food; I’ve just been meaning to post about the café for a while and the Jubilee seems as good a time to do so as any. 

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