Friday, 11 May 2012

Friends together

The boys – John and baby – are getting on brilliantly. John loves having company in the field and baby loves the security of being with a grown-up horse. They wander around together, John is teaching the baby how to groom (at the expense of my rugs, which the little one is constantly gnawing on) and they are sublimely happy in one another’s company. I could stand watching them all day, they are so sweet. My boy has had a new lease of life since baby arrived, I swear he looks younger, happier, alert and his eyes are bright. I’m so happy for him and very proud he has taking to being a grandpa the way he has. I took these photos last weekend.

Learning to groom (I took off John’s rug when I saw the baby grooming it!)

A little bit further to the left … a bit more … aaargh, that’s just right

“Right, that’s the end of the grooming,” said John as baby forgot himself and bit a little too hard.

Off they go…


  1. How sweet are those photos?! I had a horse when I was younger- I miss her!

    xo-Magen Crumpled Fantasies

  2. Thank you Magen, they are lovely. They are so happy together it has given my boy a new lease of life. I can understand how you miss your horse, horses have a way of really getting into your heart!


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