Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A bit of commercialism here...

In my day-to-day role as a freelance writer I'm often contacted by PRs who have new products to promote or services to try, and yes, I do take them up on their offers from time to time, usually when I'm writing relevant features. It hasn't happened to me in my capacity as a horse lover and equestrian blogger, sadly... until now.

I have recently been sent a product for dogs (dogs and horses often go together and I'm no exception, see the cute photos of Spice), which has an unusual purpose - to keep those brown pee spots off your green lawn.

It's a rock that sits in the dog's drinking water, and the minerals it contains are supposed to neutralise the effects of urine. It's harmless to your pet but it just stops your grass going brown and patchy.

Our dog is a tiny creature and has an equally tiny water bowl, so I've bought him a big one to try it out (it's so big he could probably bathe in it). It will be a while before I see results, good or otherwise, but I'll let you know how I get on.

Now I just need a friendly PR to send me samples of their spring/summer clothing ranges for horse and rider...

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