Monday, 12 March 2012

Pixie make-up - a little fairy dust

What do you know - no posts for ages then two come along at once! Well I did say I try to squeeze as much into a day in London as I can.

Pixie make-up. This is not a brand I was familiar with until I attended their new product launch, along with hundreds (it seemed like) of other bloggers, most of whom were much younger than me and appeared to be much more au fait with the products.

The store in central London was packed with eager young things frantically taking photos with their phones, eating pastel-icing covered cupcakes and sipping Champagne. I joined in, I took a couple of photos as you can see and I drank some kind of melon-type juice, but somehow managed to stay off the Champagne and cakes.

But what were the products like? Ah yes, they are very pretty - in fact if you didn't know otherwise you could be forgiven for thinking they are for children as there's more than a touch of Disney and Tinkerbell to the range (I think it's a collaboration between Pixie and Walt Disney actually, with a more grown-up version of Tink on the packaging).

The colours and quality seem good, I particularly like the green eye pencil 'Straight on till morning' (great name) and the bright pink nail varnish - both would be great for holidays against tanned skin (fake tan obviously, it's much healthier). But I do think they will appeal most to younger women, from teens to mid 20s. They're the sort of thing my 18-year-old niece will love - and no doubt she will end up with the samples I was given. Except for the green eye pencil, and the bright pink nail varnish. Can't wait for my holidays...

Fairy Face Palette with eye shadows, lip glosses, blushers, brushes and mirror

That pink nail varnish I was on about (and possibly the green eye liner)
A bevy of beauty bloggers enjoying a bevvy

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