Wednesday, 16 November 2011

In, over, through, out - teaching Dotty to knit

I am so proud. I have taught my little girl to knit and she is sitting on the sofa - knitting. I have a pain in my heart as I remember my mammy teaching me to knit - in, over, through, out - we chanted to help me with the stitches, it became a mantra. All these years later and it is as natural for me to say it to Dot as it was then for her to say it to me. I could cry - if my mam could see her now. I miss her every day, that will never change.

Anyway, on a happier note, on succeeding with her first complete line of knitting, Dotty said: "I feel two emotions - that it's fun and that I'm turning into an old woman." Funny little thing.

She is still sitting there on the sofa, little dog Spice watching intently, wondering what she's doing; every now and then there's a cry of "Mam..." and off I go to help out or knit a few lines for her while she has a rest... my little girl.

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