Thursday, 21 April 2011

Puppy love

In all the time I've been blogging over the past year I don't think I've mentioned our little dog Spice. He came to live with us last May as a birthday present for my daughter, who has wanted a puppy for years. Spice is a cross Jack Russell Chihuahua - a Jackahuahua - and is the most adorable, feisty little fellow that ever lived (and I'm not exaggerating).

As the smallest in the litter, little Spice didn't have too much to say for himself, he was quiet and the object of much rough and tumble when his brothers and sisters were playing. But when they all went to different homes and Spice came to us, well it became a different story. The shy little puppy found his voice and his character - and he hasn't stopped telling us all about it since.

He's a little man with a big attitude, he barks for England (unfortunately) and he will grrrrr you as soon as look at you but he's adorable and Anya loves him. We all do. Here's a few photos of him as a puppy last May/June, playing in the snow with Anya last winter and him as he is now...


  1. omg mum i saw a dog like baby spice today when i went out with amy it was like his twin it was identical it even had the same lead as spicey the only diffrence was it was a girl


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