Saturday, 12 March 2011

Settling in

I worry too much. John travelled well, he was a little stressed for the first couple of days, calling and walking around the stable, but other than that he's settled beautifully. I think it helps that he already knows a couple of the horses there - friends who moved from my last yard to this one before I did. He has also fallen for the flirty chestnut filly in the next paddock - though she doesn't return his affection, more like turns and kicks out at him. Poor love, he always falls for the girls and they always reject his advances, usually with a bite on his nose.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. You would think he'd been here for years (and the filly is actually an 18-year-old mare, but she doesn't know that, still thinks she's a baby - after all, you are as old as you feel and she (Libby) obviously still feels good as she has been known to act like a four-year-old). He has a large paddock and a very large stable; it's peaceful, surrounded by fields, and you can't hear the traffic. Dedham is also a very beautiful place and I'm so happy to be spending time there (the artist Constable thought it was okay too).

The petrol prices are crippling but hey ho, what can you do. I'm still glad I moved.

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