Monday, 7 March 2011

Body boost?

I attended a launch last Friday for the new E45 body lotion Endless Moisture Derma Restore. Held in a hotel that doesn't display its name outside, (cue lots of pointless walking up and down the street searching for the venue - what's that about?) the presentation was both interesting and illuminating.

Formulated for the more mature skin this body lotion claims to 'return skin's youthful glow' (yay),and nourish skin so that it feels more supple and softer in just three weeks.

A clinical study conducted by the company found that 100% of users experienced long lasting hydration and around three-quarters of users said their skin was softer and more supple to the touch after three weeks of applying the product.

Active ingredients include Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA), a type of AHA, nicotinamide (said to boost collagen production), and glycerine (that holds in moisture).

I've just started using it and will continue to do so for three weeks before reporting back.

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