Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Playing together and staying together?

I've just read a news release from Lego that reveals people who play board games generally tend to fall out. I could have told them that, you only have to watch a game of Monopoly in our house to see usually well-adjusted people turn into shouting monsters. I now refuse to play Monopoly with my other half as it gets way too heated - he takes it all too seriously.

Last time he played Monopoly with our daughter I could hear the arguments from the other side of the house and Anya was as vocal as he was. Thankfully they did forget their row as soon as the game was put back in the box - unlike some people. According to Lego their poll revealed "one in twelve adults have got so outraged with other players that have never spoken to them again".

Laura Di Bonaventura senior brand manager at LEGO said: "The best advice is to probably stick to playing games with the children - hopefully this should avoid any competition with good friends." She has obviously never met my little girl - a more canny and forthright Monopoly player you'd be hard pressed to find.

The poll also found that dads are the worst culprits when it comes to cheating, while nana and aunty are the most honest. Enough said.

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