Sunday, 2 January 2011

Skin saviours

This is my first find of the new year and something that's very exciting in that I'm sure it's making me look younger - it's certainly making my skin softer and smoother, (I know, I know, it can't really make me younger). It's having an effect though and one I like. I haven't tried the other products in the range, just the serum, and as it costs around £33 on one website I've seen, I don't know when I will be using it again. While I have it though I'm going to enjoy it.

Just thought, I wonder how many people use a serum under their moisturiser or instead of it? I fall into the latter group at the moment and it hasn't had a negative effect that I can see or feel, but does it reduce the efficacy of the products? One to ponder and research further perhaps.

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