Saturday, 1 January 2011

Ring in the new

It's 2011 - Happy New Year! This is one of the few occasions an exclamation mark is allowed. I think everybody is glad to see the start of a new year, with its promise of good things ahead and a delicious anticipation of the unknown. Especially true perhaps if the one you've just seen the back of wasn't one to remember for any good reason.

For me, 2010 was a mixture, good and bad, but nothing too awful, though I'm left at the beginning of 2011 with much the same questions as at the beginning of 2010. This year though I am going to deal with them differently and so see a different outcome in the realms of work, family, love and finances.

My stars for 2011:

"This will be your year. Though you may feel you have been treading water for a while now, 2011 will bring forward movement and positive change. Just stay optimistic, look for new challenges and embrace them fearlessly. Make more time for family and friends, they are your support network and the rock that keeps you up when the stuff hits the fan. Enjoy your family more, laugh more with them and share special moments. Don't let fear stop you advancing and do not be content with lack of energy, fight it and win, arriving at goals you thought previously were too difficult to reach with cheerfulness, positivity and a belief in yourself, your qualities and your abilities."

Right, lets get to it then.

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