Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Family trees

The hunt was out in our area today so of course John had to stay in otherwise he might well have joined them when they went past. A couple of the others who knew what it was all about, having hunted before, got a little excited (the hunt was meeting just down the road) but in fact I don't think John, happily tucking in to hay and carrots in his stable, realised anything was up, which seems to suggest he has not.

I wish I knew more about his past. According to his owner before me, he was an eventer in his younger days - and the state of his legs would seem to back that up - but she got him from a dealer and didn't know anymore than that. He does have a freeze mark but again, according to his last owner, she tried to trace it and discovered the company responsible had gone out of business.

Is there any way to trace a horse's history without putting a pleading ad in the back of horse magazines?

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