Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bring me sunshine II

Clinique has launched a yummy light version of its Happy fragrance. Happy in Bloom is a lighter, floral version of the bestselling scent and could be just the thing to boost your mood in time for spring. It also comes in a pretty funky bottle.

Bring me sunshine

Brrrr another cold day today, frost everywhere this morning. It's losing its appeal now, so it was good to see these summery cushions. For me, they conjure up images of past seaside holidays, egg and tomato sand-wiches, sandcastles on the beach and family fun. And while balmy, warm weather may be several months away they certainly cheered me up! Roll on summer.

Faux suede cushions by Martin Wiscombe, from Rustic Angels

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Rosy cheeks rescue

This cold weather is taking its toll on my skin, particularly when I'm out a couple of hours a day, every day, mucking out and caring for my horse. Runny noses and icy feet are par for the course but I've received information about a product that could turn out to be a favourite - it helps prevent chapped lips and red cheeks.

Calendula Weather Protection Cream by Weleda is actually formulated for babies but works just as well on adults apparently. It is quickly absorbed, gel-like, full of natural ingredients including organic sweet almond oil and of course calendula. It is also suitable for vegetarians and is free from synthetic perfumes, colours and ingredients.

I haven't tried it yet but if it's anything like Weleda's calendula nappy cream then it promises to be great. I can speak with authority about that product - when my daughter was little it was the only cream that worked for her, as a barrier cream and for preventing nappy rash. The fact it contains only natural ingredients was another great attraction for me and we got through tubes of the stuff. Loved it.

Family trees

The hunt was out in our area today so of course John had to stay in otherwise he might well have joined them when they went past. A couple of the others who knew what it was all about, having hunted before, got a little excited (the hunt was meeting just down the road) but in fact I don't think John, happily tucking in to hay and carrots in his stable, realised anything was up, which seems to suggest he has not.

I wish I knew more about his past. According to his owner before me, he was an eventer in his younger days - and the state of his legs would seem to back that up - but she got him from a dealer and didn't know anymore than that. He does have a freeze mark but again, according to his last owner, she tried to trace it and discovered the company responsible had gone out of business.

Is there any way to trace a horse's history without putting a pleading ad in the back of horse magazines?

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Skin saviours

This is my first find of the new year and something that's very exciting in that I'm sure it's making me look younger - it's certainly making my skin softer and smoother, (I know, I know, it can't really make me younger). It's having an effect though and one I like. I haven't tried the other products in the range, just the serum, and as it costs around £33 on one website I've seen, I don't know when I will be using it again. While I have it though I'm going to enjoy it.

Just thought, I wonder how many people use a serum under their moisturiser or instead of it? I fall into the latter group at the moment and it hasn't had a negative effect that I can see or feel, but does it reduce the efficacy of the products? One to ponder and research further perhaps.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Ring in the new

It's 2011 - Happy New Year! This is one of the few occasions an exclamation mark is allowed. I think everybody is glad to see the start of a new year, with its promise of good things ahead and a delicious anticipation of the unknown. Especially true perhaps if the one you've just seen the back of wasn't one to remember for any good reason.

For me, 2010 was a mixture, good and bad, but nothing too awful, though I'm left at the beginning of 2011 with much the same questions as at the beginning of 2010. This year though I am going to deal with them differently and so see a different outcome in the realms of work, family, love and finances.

My stars for 2011:

"This will be your year. Though you may feel you have been treading water for a while now, 2011 will bring forward movement and positive change. Just stay optimistic, look for new challenges and embrace them fearlessly. Make more time for family and friends, they are your support network and the rock that keeps you up when the stuff hits the fan. Enjoy your family more, laugh more with them and share special moments. Don't let fear stop you advancing and do not be content with lack of energy, fight it and win, arriving at goals you thought previously were too difficult to reach with cheerfulness, positivity and a belief in yourself, your qualities and your abilities."

Right, lets get to it then.

Happy - horsey - new year!

Who can believe it, it's 2011 already and that means John is now 23 years young. As with people, I think age with horses has a lot to do with the mind - if you act like you're old, tired and worn out then you will be old, tired and worn out; but if you act like a youngster then you will be a youngster - in outlook and deed. That's certainly true of my boy, watching him canter up the field you would never believe he has seen as many summers as he has. Hacking out too, he can still throw a surprise or three at me, and while he casts a disdainful eye at his younger field companions spooking at a tractor, he can still outshine them in the nonsense stakes when he wishes.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

The snow has now gone and the horses are at last out, yet turning him out after a week stuck in the stable was a joy, no pulling, no barging, no being Mr Tall Horsey, he behaved with the utmost grace and decorum, let me lead him to the field with no spooking or shying. What a star.

I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle, I can't even remember when we last rode out, but... I always get nervous when I don't ride and so not having ridden in a while means more nerves than normal. I know it's no big deal, I face this every time, but still, I'm looking forward to getting that first ride out of the way so we can move on - weather permitting of course, I'm told we are in for snow again...