Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow fun

The horses are in, it's too slippy to turn them out. My boy doesn't like staying in and he certainly lets you know it. I did turn him out on Tuesday as frankly, even a couple of hours out is better than nothing - for his joints and his mood. He couldn't wait to get out but once he was in his field he started to whinny - 'What am I doing here mam, why is it so cold and where's the grass gone.' The other horses were uncovering the grass, wiping away the snow with their hooves; my prima donna was just standing there, waiting for someone (me) to do it for him.

Anyway, after mucking out I went back to the field to give him some hay and he had eventually deigned to clear away the snow for himself.

Since then he's been stuck in his stable, along with the others,so he's not a happy chappy. Looking at the snow coming down outside there doesn't seem much chance of him getting out for a few days yet.

What do other people do in this situation, to stave off boredom (the horse's, not mine)?

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