Sunday, 26 December 2010

Another Christmas day over with but the luscious, comforting vibe lingers on. Here, the snow outside is a pain - it's no longer snow but solid ice and lethal.

We have had Nana with us now for almost two weeks, she's been poorly but is on the mend - to be honest it feels natural for her to be here with us but then I grew up with a grandparent in the house, my Granada, he was our third parent and always there.

She is such an independent stick though that I know she will be back off to her own home as soon as she's able.

Too many chocolates and too much wine, and a diet to look forward to in the New Year (same for all of us I'm sure).

Dotty has had a good time I think, she is happy with what 'Santa' brought her, but she has taken to silent mode - teenage sullenness at nine years old can you believe - so it's difficult to get much out of her.

Puppy Spice has had a great time too - there are doggy treats lying all over the room and he's had so much turkey and gammon... he's a happy chap. The cats - Socky and Rosie - have had their fair share but they still wish the yappy doggy would disappear I'm sure.

I do enjoy Christmas, being at home with the family and relaxing is something to be savoured and hardly ever happens throughout the rest of the year. I even bought a newspaper today - and I intend to read it. I've still a few days of leisure left before returning to the real world after all.

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